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Application Development

Orion Development Corporation has a proven track record of developing applications that deliver exceptional capabilities, flexibility and value. We provide customized application development services to deliver high-performing programs, intuitive user interfaces and reliable integration into virtually any IT environment.

Our services cover the full software development life cycle – from inception and design to implementation, testing and deployment. Among our many services, we deliver quality solutions for web-based applications, middleware components, databases, application frameworks, desktop applications, PDA applications and more. Orion supports large corporate and emerging businesses in a number of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceutical, finance, telecommunications and transportation.
Visit our Application Portfolio Pages to see examples of solutions we've developed, ranging from shrink-wrapped desktop applications to life-critical lab automation systems, to web applications of all 'flavors'.
If you would like to learn more about our services and how we can help your company, please call us at (973) 228-7843. You can also send an email describing your project to and we will contact you at your convenience.
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