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Orion Survey V1.0

Orion Survey is a web based survey and data collection service. Orion Survey allows you to define your surveys once (your survey 'schema'), then customize and deploy multiple surveys as needed for different user populations and data acquistion methods. Orion Survey even works with Orion OMR scanning technology, so you can integrate your paper forms with your online survey solutions.

Orion Survey is suitable for requirements ranging from simple one-page surveys, to large multi-part surveys executed in distributed environments demanding flexible and diverse data acquition methods, making it an ideal survey/forms  tool for clinical and healthcare environments.
Orion Survey's uniquely cohesive architecture will also allow you to target different data acquisition methods from a single survey definition. Define your survey once, then automatically generate and deploy surveys over the web, the desktop or even collect and consolidate results from paper forms - as appropriate for your users.
How Can I Access Orion Survey?
Orion Survey is planned for release as a subscription service in March, 2011 and will integrate with our next release of Orion OMR and Orion OMR Assistant.
If you have questions or requests, please send mail to Be sure to put "Orion Survey" in the subject line of your email.
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