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Have a question about OOMR Assistant? We encourage you to read through the FAQs below. If you don't find what you're looking for, or you would simply like confirmation of your understanding, please contact us via email or phone.
Email: This is the best route for asking questions and receiving documented answers.
Phone: 973-228-7843. If you don't get through immediately, leave a message in the tech support voice mailbox and we will get back to you promptly.

Q: What is the latest version of OOMR Assistant?
A: The latest version is OOMR Assistant Version 1.3.
You can download the latest version by clicking here.

Q: What is the difference between Orion OMR Assistant and Orion OMR?
A: OOMR is a set of programming components that developers can use in order to enable OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) capability in their applications. OOMR accomplishes it's work by reading a definition file, provided by the programmer, which describes where marks are to be found on a form. Creating this definition file by hand, while possible, is tedious and error prone.

Q: Can I re-distribute OOMR Assistant with my application?
A: No. OOMR Assistant is not intended for distribution, but the OOMR COM components CAN be redistributed with your application.
Click here for up to date pricing information.
Click here to download a free copy of OOMR.
While liberal distribution options are available, all distributed versions of OOMR are licensed. When you purchase OOMR, the product comes with a certain number of 'activations'. When you distribute OOMR components, you ship your product with the necessary license code to automatically activate the product the first time it runs. Activation is done automatically, over the internet. If your user does not have an internet connection, they will receive a popup dialog box that will allow them to register manually.

Q: What components can I ship with my application?
A: There are four DLLs that need to be shipped:
OBITMAPATL.DLL - Register when you install your application (i.e., using regsvr32.exe)
OTWAINATL.DLL - Register when you install your application (i.e., using regsvr32.exe)
KEYLIB32.DLL - No registration. Install to the system directory.
SKCA32.DLL - No registration. Install to the system directory.

Using OOMR Assistant
Q: Do I need a scanner attached to use OOMR Assistant?
A: No. This is only necessary if you want to use the "Test Scan" feature from the "Scan" menu.

Q: How do I get a bitmap image of my forms to use with OOMR Assistant?
A: To use OOMR Assistant successfully. You must have a bitmap representations of your forms that faithfully represent the dimensions and geography of the form you will be acquiring from the scanner.
If you have a print driver (such as PaperPort) you can print your document throug this driver and then convert the results to a bitmap image. Future versions of OOMR Assistant will include tools to eliminate the need for this step.

Q: How do I test scanning with OOMR Assistant?
A: Once you have defined one or more input areas on your form pages, you can use the 'Scan' menu dialog to select a scanner and start a test scan. OOMR Assistant will scan your documents based on the input definition currently being authored and display the results in a floating dialog which includes a tree control with a node for each page scanned and the results found on that page.

Q: When I start a new scan, why do old pages remain in the results dialog?
A: This is because OOMR doesn't presume or impose an approach to testing. One way of testing is to scan a blank form, look at the percentage fills and then scan the same page again with mark-up to see how results are being reported. Another way to test is to scan an entire multi-page survey at once. Either way, you can explicitly control when results are cleared by deleting those pages from the results window. This also allows you to formulate unit tests by performing a sequence of test scans and then saving the results document in a single file for further analysis or documentation purposes.

Q: What is the best naming strategy for questions and responses when using OOMR Assistant to create an input definition?
A: As you define questions and response areas on your form, OOMR Assistant will attempt to remember the last question ID you entered. As you define new response areas, OOMR Assistant will suggest a question ID and response ID by concatinating the question ID with an underscore.

Q: Why doesn't OOMR Assistant help define large numeric input blocks automatically?
A: We have this feature planned for the next release of OOMR Assistant. You will be able to sweep out an entire block of input areas and if it appears to be a numeric input area, we will suggest a naming convention, you press "OK" and we do the rest. Stay tuned. For now, if you follow the conventions and processed described above, it will go smoothly until we deliver this next enhancement.

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